Coffee in nature

YOGI´S® is associated with the idea of creating a rest area where gastronomical part will be completed by nice garden design, which will catch everyone‘s heart at first sight. YOGI´S® wants to be different and is trying to improve the image of shopping center to be also a place for nice rest.

Grassy design, coffee tables shaped and designed as trees, snacks and drinks made out of fresh and homemade ingredients, this is YOGI´S®.


Key Values

Key Values


Interior of our coffee shop is almost identical with nature and the idea is to provide our customers in everyday stress with a third place where they can relax and enjoy rest.

 Products and drinks

Each and every product is being prepared with YOGI´S® love and each partner of ours is giving the customer a 100% ready product.

 Customer excellence

It is key for a very existence of YOGI´S® to establish a friendly atmosphere because only this way we are able to transfer a friendly atmosphere from behind the bar to our customers.